Ibrahimovic comments on Ronaldo.

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Star striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic show the fans. The truth behind Cristiano Ronaldo abrupt split with Manchester United will never be known.

Ronaldo gave a bombshell interview to Piers Morgan last month. Where he criticized the club And revealed that there was no respect for Eric Ten Hag the team manager. Which resulted in the termination of the contract by mutual consent.

Ten Hag hits back at Ronaldo, insisting the striker never told him face-to-face that he wanted to leave United UFABET 

Despite Ronaldo and Ten Hag expressing their own opinions. Ibrahimovic still feels that they are not telling the whole truth. He said he would tell the whole truth if he were in that situation.

“Leaving his United, I think when things happen, we’ll never know the real story.” Ibrahimovic told reporters in Dubai.

“They (Ronaldo and Ten Hag) said what they wanted to say. He said what he needed to say to protect himself. And then you have coaches who say these things to defend themselves.

“Then the club said many things. It’s not like me. If it were me, I’d tell you what happened. But we are all different. Everyone is careful about their image.”

“For me, the perfect image is just being yourself. In fact, we will never know, friend.”