‘Ancelotti’ points out that Girona deserved to beat Barcelona.

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Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti said Girona were the team that deserved the win over Barcelona in the game the two teams had to compete with each other last weekend.

Pass by Last Sunday, Barcelona were defeated by Girona, a powerful dark horse team.

And suffered a 4-2 defeat at home, while Ancelotti came out to express his opinion after the team. His team was pushed down to second place again. In the pre-game press conference Champions League with Union Berlin, Ancelotti has praised Girona for their performance this season. 

Ancelotti was asked about the game the following day, ahead of Real Madrid‘s match against Union Berlin in the Champions League. In particular, he was quizzed on whether he was surprised at Barcelona’s defending, conceding four goals at home in La Liga for the first time in five years. โปรโมชั่น ufabet

“Barca-Girona It’s a very fun game. Both teams play foot-to-foot football. Girona were better and won. “ In terms of tactics or analysis, I can’t criticize or say anything to other teams. I liked the game. It was a fun game. Girona’s ability to reach this level with their personality and character is amazing. ” There is a lead of 2 points at the moment after Madrid failed to reach a draw with Real Betis.