Osimen insists he never thought of competing for Napoli.

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Napoli striker Victor Osimen insists he is happy at present and has no intention of leaving the Naples club. Nigerian striker Victor Osimen has made it clear he has no intention of leaving Napoli football club. One of Europe’s biggest clubs and one of Europe’s best leagues. Although he is a target for the big clubs from disclosure to ‘Oma Sports’ on Tuesday past. 

Osimen has been so good at Napoli that he has been linked with Manchester United and Arsenal. When asked about his career. The 23-year-old insisted he was happy with the situation. Presently and whether he performs beyond expectations or not UFABET

The 23-year-old forward said :

‘Not even 100 per cent, 1001 (percent) I set a standard for myself. This is the life I want to be When things are not going well for me I still believe, keep praying, keep working hard. I did another job before returning to what I love football.’

‘To reach this point Lots of obstacles, hatred, backstabbing. My success comes with love, pain, tears, failures, things like that.’

‘Some people said ‘we gave him two seasons, two clubs in Belgium turned him down. He couldn’t do that’ and compared me to players from the past. I saw those things, I’m human, footballers are people too.’

‘So whether I do as they say Or prove them completely wrong. I’m in one of the biggest clubs in Europe. One of the best leagues in Europe, I’ve been nominated for the Young Player of the Year award. I’ve received a lot of individual awards for myself. Which felt like a milestone for me. I had a life-threatening injury. I came back and smashed it.’

‘Each day I wake up and say thank God for everything. I’m at 100, they’re at zero. Because I really won in life I am very thankful to God. But I think he’s not finished with me.’