Hairstyle trends, hair color trends 2023

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Hairstyle trends, hair color trends 2023. How to choose to match your face shape know that there is no mistake.

Just change your “hair style” and you can change your look.  Women invites girls to change themselves. By bringing to update hairstyle trends and hot hair color trends in 2023. Along with ways to choose hairstyles to match the face shape. without surviving. You can choose your hairstyle. Let’s rush to adjust the look for the new year at ทางเข้า ufabet

Trends change every year. Including the matter of “hair” as well. This time, Ms.Chocolate-Sucheewan Pancharoen, the owner of Be My Guest Salon, a secret hair salon in Huay Kwang area. The owner is full of experience in “hair”designing and taking care of hair in Korean style. Graduated hair perm course from Juno Academy and Create from Korea, graduated cutting course from Mazella & Partners Institute, London, England. Has been in the “hair” industry for more than 10 years and has done it myself every step of the way. 2023″ for the girls to update.

hair color trends 2023

This year’s color trends are very diverse. Pantone 2023 has announced its Color of the Year, ” Viva Magenta”, a deep red or burgundy tone. It is a color that reflects power, courage and strength. as we have just been through a crisis Through many years of stress. This year’s colors are therefore communicated to encourage liveliness. more hopeful Let Phil feel like we’ve been awakened with energy, awakened from exhaustion. This year’s color trend reminds us of the 80s-90s. The fashion of the 80s-90s is coming, evidently from the end of the year, many celebrities have this hair color tone. And many customers started making more big highlight lines. The 80s-90s were a fun era. Quite a lot of colors It’s a retro fashion. That can dress up a lot. I really want to change my look

Regarding hair color, really, the technician will help you choose the appropriate look as if every year there will be a trend set. But the keywords of the colors that come out It won’t be suitable for everyone. So the mechanic didn’t give much weight to the color trend. But will weigh on factors such as what skin color you are. Which color do you look most beautiful? Bright face, white face, how is the face shape? Choose a page frame how to choose The mechanic will give advice. Then that year what color trend then bring that color into the customer Like last year, there was a light purple trend coming out. It’s not that every customer will do it and survive. We may adjust it to gray-purple to match that customer more, etc.

What matters first To change the hair color of girls or boys is an important individual element. Hairdressers should introduce knowledge to customers. and choose a color to suit each person As for the color trend each year. The stylist may add it to the client’s hairstyling techniques from time to time, such as Highlights, Balayage, Hidden hair, or Face frame highlights.